Internal Audit Services

Understanding, Documenting, Testing and Improving Processes and Controls

Auditor sends file audited financial statements of the Company to executives.

Phoenixville, PA Internal audit executives are at the forefront of corporate and regulatory compliance. Achieving and maintaining this compliance is no easy task. Internal audit leadership is charged with assessing corporate risks, as well as performing reviews of financial, operational and information technology processes and controls within their organizations. It can be both challenging and costly to create and maintain an internal audit function with the full complement of skills and experience necessary to identify and asses all of the risk associated with each of these complex areas.

Behunin & Associates (B&A) has extensive experience identifying risks, evaluating controls that may mitigate those risks, as well as documenting, testing and identifying process improvements for a wide range of financial, operational and IT processes and controls, in both manual and automated environments, for organizations across a variety of industries.

B&A can work in conjunction with Internal Audit resources or can perform Phoenixville, PA internal audit projects independently.

B&A delivers high-quality work products by leveraging our extensive industry experience, knowledge of regulatory requirements, financial reporting and audit practices; and application, business process, IT infrastructure as well as other technical skills.

Phoenixville, PA Cost Minimization – Utilizing B&A resources on an “as-needed” basis can reduce the cost of maintaining the organization internal audit function. Our team will work in an “on-demand” mode to complete internal audit tasks as the need for additional internal audit resources arise.

Relationships – B&A strives to build and maintain strong working relationships with personnel at all levels throughout our Phoenixville, PA clients’ organizations. These relationships help us complete projects in a highly effective and efficient manner.